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Hi, I am Harshdeep Singh

I am the author of the book Unleash The Badass In You, a coach for male IT professionals, and an accidental software engineer.

I work with male IT professionals having low self-esteem & confidence to unleash high self-esteem so that they break free from social anxiety, inferiority complex, overthinking, depression, and feeling of not being good enough

Over the past 2+ years, I have worked with 200+ male professionals, including Entrepreneurs, Sought-After Corporate Executives, and Successful Doctors & IIT'ians, and helped them with the results they truly desired.

My mission is to create a non-judgmental place for men because we don't open up easily and to help them permanently break free from the cycles of depression, loneliness and low self-worth.

My working style:
“No Gyaan, No Fluff, Only Real Result Producing Stuff.”